Seoul, Korea Rep. & virtual / October 20 - 22, 2020

“The Corona-Pandemic: Re-shaping the Global Textile Supply Chain”

Conference Programme (as of October 19, 2020)


18.00 – 18.45 Opening Session
  • Welcome Address
    Kihak Sung, ITMF President
  • Keynote Address: Reshaping of global economy and geopolitical dynamics in the Post-COVID19 era: challenges and opportunities for textile industries
    Kwang-Woo Jun, Institute for Global Economics
18.45 – 19.45 1st Session - Korea's Textile Industry
Moderator: Kwang-Woo Jun, Institute for Global Economics, Korea
  • Welcoming Remarks
    Sang Woon Lee, Chairman, KOFOTI
  • Platform transformation of the Korean textile industry
    Tae Jin Kang, Seoul National University, Korea
  • Fashion industry in the new normal
    Aimee Kim, McKinsey, Korea
Panel Discussion / Q&A
19.45 – 20.00 Break
20.00 – 21.00 2nd Session - Management & Data
Moderator: Rafael Cervone, ABIT, Brazil
  • Digital nonwoven production – how to make more than just masks
    Thomas Gries, ITA-RWTH, Germany
  • How can computer vision and machine learning revolutionise the textile industry?
    Gilberto Loureiro, SMARTEX, Portugal
  • How data, machine-learning and AI can support compliance, sustainability and transparency in the textile industry
    Jag Gill, Sundar, USA
Panel Discussion / Q&A


18.00 – 19.00 3rd Session - Fiber Session - ManMade Fibers
Moderator: Uday Gill, Indorama, Thailand
  • Beyond linear economy: accelerating innovation to scale circularity
    Sharon Chong, Sateri, China
  • Polyester industry - weathering the storm
    R.D. Udeshi, Reliance, India
  • In the wake of COVID-19: impact on the fibre world and sustainability debate
    Alexei Sinitsa, Wood Mackenzie Chemicals, Singapore
Panel Discussion / Q&A
19.00 – 20.00 3rd Session - Fiber Session - Cotton
Moderator: Andrew Macdonald, Amcon, Brazil
  • Emergence of Indian cotton & textiles as a major global supplier post-COVID-era
    Vinay Kotak, Cotton Association of India
  • Egyptian cotton: adapting to the challenges raised by the global pandemic
    Khaled Schuman, Egypt Cotton Association
  • Meeting the needs of textile manufacturers: innovation and sustainability for cotton in the world supply chain
    Mark Messura, Cotton Inc., USA
Panel Discussion / Q&A
20.00 – 20.15 Break
20.15 – 21.15 4th Session - Sustainability & Circular Economy
Moderator: Michelle Tjokrosaputro, Dan Liris, Indonesia
  • The new circular economy and the new 3Rs of sustainability
    Edwin Keh, HKRITA, Hong Kong, China
  • Fashion on climate – how the fashion industry can urgently act to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions
    Karl-Hendrik Magnus, McKinsey, Germany
  • Make fashion circular: outlook for a new textile economy in China
    Yan Yan, China Textile Information Center
Panel Discussion / Q&A
21.15 – 21.30 Break
21.30 – 22.30 5th Session - SLCP: a Tool to End Audit Fatigue
Moderator: Peter Gnägi, ITMF Board Member, Switzerland
  • What is the Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP)?
    Janet Mensink, SLCP, The Netherlands
  • Our experience with SLCP
    Abhishek Bansal, Arvind, India
  • The importance of SLCP to a brand
    Darren Chastain, GAP, USA
Panel Discussion / Q&A
22.30 – 23.00 6th Session - China
Moderator: K.V. Srinivasan, Premier Mills, India
  • The future of the Chinese textile industry
    Ruizhe Sun, CNTAC, China


19.20 – 20.00 Handover of Presidency
Moderator: Moderator: Christian Schindler, ITMF, Switzerland
  • Speech by the outgoing President, Mr. Kihak Sung, Korea
  • Speech by the newly elected President
20.00 – 21.00 7th Session - Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action
Moderator: Juan Pares, Textil Santanderina, Spain
  • It is together that we can make it
    Pernilla Halldin, H&M, Sweden
  • It’s time to change our economic illusions
    Rüdiger Fox, Sympatex, Germany
Panel Discussion / Q&A
21.00 – 21.15 Break
21.15 – 22.15 8th Session - Innovation & Technical Textiles
Moderator: Loek de Vries, Bombyx Growth Capital, The Netherlands
  • Recovering from an addiction to low prices
    Rick Fowler, Youngone, USA
  • The road to 4th industrial revolution
    Abdel-Fattah M. Seyam, Wilson College of Textiles, NC State University, USA
  • A new revolutionary fibre reinforcement
    Tigran Vartanian, Isomatex, Belgium
Panel Discussion / Q&A
22.15 – 22.30 Break
22.30 – 23.45 9th Session - Collaboration
Moderator: Mohamed Kassem, WTC Company, Egypt
  • Partner collaboration to accelerate innovation & sustainable production
    Paul Stoneham, Helly Hansen, Norway
  • China’s textile and apparel industry to the world: We are open and together
    Yingxin Xu, CNTAC, China
  • Internal and external elements of supply chain collaboration during the pandemic
    Juan Zighelboim, TexOps, El Salvador
  • COVID-19 and the need for more a collaborative supply chain
    Jason Kra, Li & Fung, USA
Panel Discussion / Q&A
23.45 – 24.00 ITMF 2021 Invitation




Opening Session

Kihak Sung

ITMF President

Kwang-Woo Jun

Chairman, Institute for Global Economics

1st Session - Korea's Textile Industry

Sang Woon Lee

Chairman, KOFOTI

Tae Jin Kang

Seoul National University, Korea

Aimee Kim

McKinsey, Korea

2nd Session - Management & Data

Thomas Gries

ITA-RWTH, Germany

Gilberto Loureiro

SMARTEX, Portugal

Jag Gill

Sundar, USA

3rd Session - Fiber Session - ManMade Fibers

Alexei Sinitsa

Wood Mackenzie Chemicals, Ukraine

R.D. Udeshi

Reliance, India

Sharon Chong

Sateri, China

3rd Session - Fiber Session - Cotton

Vinay Kotak

Cotton Association of India

Khaled Schuman

Egypt Cotton Association

Mark Messura

Cotton Inc., USA

4th Session - Sustainability & Circular Economy

Edwin Keh

HKRITA, Hong Kong, China

Karl-Hendrik Magnus

McKinsey, Germany

Yan Yan

China Textile Information Center

5th Session - SLCP

Abhishek Bansal

Arvind, India

Janet Mensink

SLCP, The Netherlands

6th Session - The Future of the Chinese Textile Industry

Ruizhe Sun

CNTAC, China

7th Session - Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action

Pernilla Halldin

H&M, Sweden

Rüdiger Fox

Sympatex, Germany

8th Session - Innovation & Technical Textiles

Rick Fowler

Youngone, USA

Abdel-Fattah Seyam

Wilson College of Textiles, NC State University, USA

Tigran Vartanian

Isomatex, Belgium

9th Session - Collaboration

Paul Stoneham

Helly Hansen, Norway

Yingxin Xu

CNTAC, China

Juan Zighelboim

TexOps, El Salvador

Jason Kra

Li & Fung, USA