Why and How to Become a Member

Benefits & Categories & Fees


The 5 major and equally important benefits for ITMF Members are:

  • Publications/Reports/Newsletter
    Members will receive automatically all newsletters/publications/reports/circular letters, etc.
  • Committees
    There are various Committees that representatives of members can participate in (Spinners Committee, Joint Cotton Committee, Fibers & Applications Committee, Home Textiles Producers Committee, etc.).
  • Conferences
    The ITMF Annual Conference is a unique forum exclusively for ITMF members. Once a year they can meet for the exchange of information and for discussions both in and outside the conference room. It offers an array of presentations covering the entire textile value chain from fibers to retail as well as an ideal platform for networking. More information about the next ITMF Annual Conference and previous ones can be found on the ITMF website.
  • Representation
    ITMF is a body that is representing the global textile industry both as a spokesperson for the world textile industry (e.g. in matters relating to raw materials like cotton and man-made fibers or vis-à-vis brands/retailers) and functions as a liaison agent between the textile industries and governments or intergovernmental organizations interested in the textile industry.
  • Networking
    Given the fact that members from ITMF are from industries along the entire textile supply chain – fiber, textile machinery, chemical and of course, from the textile and apparel industry – provides the unique possibility of building and strengthening a personal international network with representatives from the entire textile supply chain from around the world.


  • Members (national textile associations): annual levy based on yarn production and yarn consumption per year in the respective country (starting from CHF 4,000)
  • Associate Members (affiliated associations from the fiber, machinery, etc. industry): annual levy on a fixed amount
  • Corporate Members (textile and affiliated companies): annual membership fee:
    1. turnover up to USD 50 million:                CHF 3’000
    2. turnover between USD 50-200 million:  CHF 5’000
    3. turnover above USD 200 million:            CHF 7’000

    In the 1st year, NEW Corporate Members pay only 50% and in the 2nd year only 75% of the respective regular fee.
Application Form for Corporate Membership