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In addition to the traditional ways to inform our members, ITMF has started the series “ITMF's Virtual Interviews”. In this new virtual series industry experts from the entire textile value chain from around the world talk and discuss the state of the textile industry.

A view from an integrated Indian textile company (parts 1-6)

Interview with Mr. Updeep Singh, President & CEO of Sutlej Textiles and Industries Ltd. (India), March 2022

Part 1 – Reasons for quick recovery 2021 & sustainable recovery?

Part 2 – Domestic versus export markets

Part 3 – Passing on of higher raw material and input costs

Part 4 – Demand for home textiles and apparel

Part 5 – Sustainable production & circularity

Part 6 – Impact of war in Ukraine for the global textile industry

Full interview

An Egyptian sourcing company’s perspective on the global textile value chain (parts 1-4)

Interview with Mr. Mohamed Kassem, CEO of World Trading Company (WTC), Egypt, September 2021

Part 1 – Good business situation and better business expectations

Part 2 – Disrupted textile supply chain remains a headache

Part 3 – Challenges for a strong and lasting recovery (free to view)

Part 4 – More weather extremes = higher demand for sustainable products?

Full interview

A view from a US-textile company with subsidiaries in South Asia (parts 1-6)

Interview with Mr. Rob Sayre, CEO of 1888 Mills (USA), June 2021

Part 1 – 1888 Mills’ geographical business set up

Part 2 – Good economic situation and promising outlook

Part 3a – Logistical problems in the global textile supply chain

Part 3b – Duration of the supply chain problems

Part 3c – Key reasons for the supply chain problems

Part 4 – Possible risks for a lasting recovery beyond 2021

Part 5 – Textile companies investing amid a crisis

Part 6a – Climate change and circular business models

Part 6b – Pilot for a circular business model

Full interview

A European perspective on the impact of the pandemic (parts 1-4)

Interview with Mr. Juan Parés, Chairman and CEO of Textil Santanderina (Spain), April 2021

Part 1 – What is the outlook, what are the risks?

Part 2a – How will work habits and business relations between suppliers and customers change?

Part 2b – Will physical exhibitions have the same importance as before the pandemic? (free to view)

Part 3 – What are the lessons learned during the pandemic?

Part 4 – What does climate change mean for the textile industry and for your business?

Full interview

One year Corona-pandemic – a view from an integrated Sub-Saharan textile and apparel group
(parts 1-7)

Interview with Mr. Jas Bedi, CEO of Bedi EPZ and Bedi Fabrics (Kenya) & Fine Spinners (Uganda), February 2021

Part 1 - Corona-pandemic: turning a challenge into an opportunity

Part 2 - Africa’s young population could resist the virus well

Part 3 - Orders up since November 2020 driven by knits (free to view)

Part 4 - Africa expects strong growth in 2021 driven by diversification

Part 5 - Embracing digital technology

Part 6 - Data is key for sustainability, transparency and accountability

Part 7 - Cancellations/delays were the exception

Full interview

Adapting fast to the new digital normal – a view from an integrated company from Indonesia (parts 1-7)

Interview with Ms. Michelle Tjokrosaputro; CEO of Dan Liris (Indonesia), December 2020

Part 1 - COVID-19 in Indonesia

Part 2 - Recovery expectations

Part 3 - Sustainability requirements

Part 4 - Push toward agile solutions

Part 5 - Speed to market (free to view)

Part 6 - Digital opportunities and challenges

Part 7 - E-commerce: higher complexity for textile producers

Full interview

Corona Update – Navigating the second wave (parts 1-5)

Interview with Mr. Mustafa Denizer; CEO of Diktas Group (Turkey), November 2020

Part 1 - Introduction & expectations for 2020-21

Part 2 - Lessons learned

Part 3 - Order situation

Part 4 - Pressure on digitalisation

Part 5 - Major trends (free to view)

Full interview

The Corona-crisis: an opportunity to adapt and improve the business model (parts 1-5)

Interview with Mr. Anees Khawaja; Director of the Mahmood Group (Pakistan), August 2020

Part 1 - On the supply and demand shock

Part 2 - On the buyer-supplier relationship (free to view)

Part 3 - On changes induced by the crisis

Part 4 - Additional lessons learned

Part 5 - Perspectives for recovery

The Corona-crisis: an accelerator for innovation

Interview with Mr. Uday Gill; CEO of the Fibers Business of Indorama Ventures (Thailand), August 2020

China’s textile and apparel companies six months into the Corona-pandemic (Transcript PDF)

Interview with Mr. Ruizhe Sun; Vice President of ITMF and President, CNTAC (China), July 2020

The Corona-pandemic - a special perspective from the Americas (part 1-7)

Interview with Mr. David Ha; CEO of Texops (El Salvador), July 2020

Part 1 - On the supply and demand shock

Part 2 - On the supply of raw materials during the crisis

Part 3 - Perspectives on order and turnover

Part 4 - On the buyer-supplier relationship

Part 5 - On the speed of recovery

Part 6 - On the birth of regional clusters (free to view)

Part 7 - Lessons learned

An Indian view on the Corona-pandemic and the consequences for the textile industry

Interview with Dr. K. V. Srinivasan; Vice president of ITMF (India), July 2020

The Corona-pandemic – from crisis management to a new normal

Interview with Mr. Muharrem Kayhan; Board Member, ITMF (Turkey), June 2020

Lessons learned from the Corona-pandemic and the way forward

Interview with Mr. Kihak Sung, President, ITMF (Korea), June 2020

Interview Transcript (PDF)


In addition to the traditional ways to inform our members, ITMF has started the series “Virtual Panel Discussions”. In this new virtual series industry experts from the entire textile value chain from around the world talk and discuss the state of the textile industry.

ITMF Virtual Panel Discussion – December 9, 2021

The State and Future of Cotton Spinning

ITMF Virtual Panel Discussion – October 26, 2021 (during WTiN Innovate 2021)

Impact of Covid-19 – accelerating digitalisation and sustainable production in textile manufacturing

Textile Machinery Workshop 2021 (November 2021)


Mr. Christian Schindler, Director General, ITMF

Welcome Address

Mr. Ruizhe Sun, President, ITMF

Welcome Speech (PDF)

Statement: State of & Outlook for China’s Textile and Apparel Industry

Mr. Ruizhe Sun, President, CNTAC, China

Presentation (PDF)

Statements by Textile Producers

0:00:00 – 0:05:13
Mr. Rafael Cervone, Abit
0:05:14 – 0:10:39
Mr. Salman Ispahani, Pahartali
0:10:14 – 0:14:50
Mr. K.V. Srinivasan, Premier Mills
0:14:51 – 0:18:32
Mr. Bashir Ali Mohamed, Gul Ahmed
0:18:33 – 0:22:53
Ms. Michelle Tjokrosaputro, Dan Liris
Korea, Vietnam
0:22:54 – 0:29:11
Mr. Kihak Sung, Youngone
0:29:12 – 0:34:28
Mr. Mustafa Denizer, Diktas
Sub-Sahara Africa
0:34:29 – 0:39:09
Mr. Jas Bedi, Bedi Investments
0:39:10 – 0:44:05
Mr. Mohamed Boubouh, Amith

Statements by Textile Machinery Producers

0:00:00 – 0:02:55
Ms. Pia Terasa, Saurer
0:02:56 – 0:08:18
Mr. André Wissenberg, Oerlikon
0:08:19 – 0:12:12
Mr. Johan Verstraete, Picanol
0:12:13 – 0:14:36
Ms. Natascha Meier, Santex Rimar Group
0:14:37 – 0:20:02
Ms. Adele Genoni, Efi Reggiani
0:20:03 – 0:31:52
Mr. Pin Gu, China Textile Machinery Assoc.

Presentation of 11th ITMF Corona-Survey

Mr. Christian Schindler, Director General, ITMF & Mr. Olivier Zieschank, Director, ITMF

Presentation (PDF)

Concluding Remarks

Mr. Ruizhe Sun, President, ITMF

Concluding Remarks (PDF)

Virtual ITMF Textile Machinery Workshop 2021 (full video)

Textile Machinery Workshop 2021 (May 2021)

Industry statements

Rieter, Mr. Klapper

Oerlikon, Mr. Wissenberg

Mayer & Cie. GmbH & Co., Mr. Mayer

ITEMA S.p.A., Mr. De Micheli

Brückner, Ms. Brückner

EFI Reggiani, Ms. Genoni

Textile Machinery Workshop 2020

Industry statements

Saurer, Mr. Saur

Oerlikon, Mr. Wissenberg

Picanol, Mr. Verstraete

Groz-Beckert, Mr. Schoeller

Benninger, Mr. Meienberger

Mouvent, Mr. Riva

Additional documents

International Textile Machinery Shipment Statistics 2019 – Overview (PDF)

Annual survey on the current state and future outlook of the textile machinery market (PDF)